August 11, 2022

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Peptides have become relatively popular, not only in the medical industry but also among the...

Peptides have become relatively popular, not only in the medical industry but also among the general population. These compounds consist of amino acids that are linked together in a specific chain. The combination of amino acids then yields a specific purpose in the human body. While peptides are commonly used by physicians to assist in the treatment of certain conditions, they are often utilized off-label by people for purposes other than their main intention.

Tesamorelin is an excellent example of a peptide that has a specific medical purpose, yet people often buy this particular compound for off-label usage. In this post, we take a closer look at what Tesamorelin is, how it works in the human body, and both medical and off-label uses for buying tesamorelin peptide for sale.

What Is Tesamorelin Peptide?

Tesamorelin peptide is an amino acid chain that is also known as EGRIFTA. The compound is a human growth hormone-releasing factor analog. There is a total of 44 amino acids that form part of this particular peptide – it should be noted that Tesamorelin is a synthetically produced peptide that has a similar sequence to that of human growth hormone-releasing factor.

Conventional Uses For Tesamorelin EGRIFTA

There is only one single indicated medical use for Tesamorelin peptide. The compound is medically used in patients who suffer from HIV. Individuals who have been infected with the HIV virus are at risk of developing a complication due to the medications that they take on a daily basis to reduce the rate at which the disease progresses and affects their body.

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The complication is known as lipodystrophy. The prevalence of lipodystrophy among individuals with HIV varies from 41% to 70%, as multiple studies have weighed in on this topic. This complication caused by the antiretroviral therapy provided to patients with HIV has been associated with cardiometabolic complications. In turn, this would affect the patient’s quality of life, as well as their adherence to the use of the appropriate medication for their HIV infection.

Tesamorelin has been shown to assist in reducing the risk of developing lipodystrophy among patients who are given antiretroviral therapy for an HIV infection.

Off-Label Uses including Bodybuilding For Tesamorelin Benefits

Even though Tesamorelin is indicated for the use in patients receiving long-term antiretroviral therapy for HIV, some bodybuilders and athletes are turning toward this peptide to help them reach their goals. This is primarily due to the effect of Tesamorelin on growth hormone in the body.

The use of Tesamorelin has been associated with a potential increase in the secretion of growth hormone.

Several scientific studies have shown that an increase in growth hormone yields improvements in several factors that a bodybuilder or athlete would desire.

A study by researchers at the University of Rochester, for example, found that there was a significant increase in lean muscle mass when participants were injected with growth hormone during a three-month period. Muscle mass and thigh strength were also significantly improved among the individuals who were provided with an increase in growth hormone during the study period.

A publication in the British Journal of Pharmacology also explains that growth hormone has become a performance-enhancing drug in the modern-day. The study explains that the use of growth hormone can increase insulin-like growth factor I hormones that are circulating in the body. In turn, increased muscle growth becomes possible for the person who has elevated levels of growth hormone.

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While Tesamorelin is not growth hormone itself, the peptide has been linked to an increased amount of circulating growth hormone following the administration of the compound. Thus, individuals who are looking to gain an edge in the gym, possibly to increase their muscle mass and lean muscle growth might turn to this peptide.

Tesamorelin Side Effects

Some side-effects have been noted in people who have been injected with the Tesamorelin peptide. The most common side-effect is hypersensitivity reactions, which occur due to the impact that the peptide has on the release of growth hormone in the body.

Side-effects as a complication of growth hormone alterations may include:

  • Hyperglycemia
  • Symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Extremity pain
  • Peripheral edema
  • Arthralgia

Some people also experience a reaction at the site where the injection is made. Complications at the site may include:

  • Swelling
  • Pruritus
  • Pain
  • Rash
  • Erythema
  • Irritation
  • Hemorrhage
  • Urticaria
  • Dosage And Usage

Tesamorelin Dosage

Dosage of Tesamorelin peptide depends on the particular use for the compound. There is a general recommendation that has been deemed safe in the majority of individuals who have been treated with the peptide. This is a 2mg dose of Tesamorelin on a daily basis. There is not enough evidence to provide data on whether higher doses would be safe, especially in the longer term.

Administration of Tesamorelin peptide is made through an injection. In the majority of cases, the injection will be made in the abdomen of the person using the compound. The injection should not be made in the same area of the abdomen consistently, but should rather be rotated for maximum efficiency and to reduce the effect of adverse effects at the injection site.

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While Tesamorelin has become a common compound used in the medical industry to assist in combating certain complications that are caused by long-term usage of antiretroviral medications, some people turn to the compound for off-label purposes. Bodybuilders often utilize Tesamorelin to experience an increase in growth hormone, which could help them achieve their goals in the gym faster.