September 24, 2022

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Did you know that all lightsabers start off with a Kyber crystal? This is the...

Did you know that all lightsabers start off with a Kyber crystal? This is the most important part of the saber, and it’s what gives it a unique color.

There’s one unique type of saber, the Darksaber, that despite its appearance still starts with a Kyber crystal. If that’s the case, why is it so different from the others?

We’re here to talk all about the ins and outs of the Darksaber. Read on to learn more!

Where Did the Darksaber Come From?

As we mentioned, if you’ve only seen the mainline Star Wars movies, you may not be familiar with the history of the Darksaber. Only the offshoots, such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Book of Boba Fett, and The Mandalorian feature this unique weapon.

Unlike the more popular lightsabers, there is only one Darksaber. It was created by the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order: Tarre Vizsla.

When Tarre Vizsla passed away, the Darksaber stayed in the Jedi Temple until House Vizsla stole it to pass it down through generations of “rightful owners.”

Who Can Wield the Darksaber?

If there’s only one Darksaber, who gets to wield it?

Darksaber wielders, like lightsaber wielders, don’t have to be force users. In theory, anyone who comes into possession of the Darksaber is able to wield it.

Sith Lord Maul has wielded the Darksaber, as have generations of Mandalorians. Bo-Katan received the Darksaber from Sabine Wren. In The Mandalorian, we see Din Djarin receive the Darksaber.

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Tradition says that one can only wield the Darksaber if they defeat the previous owner. This is the only way to get a “rightful claim” over the Darksaber. Not all Darksaber users have followed this rule, however.

In short, anyone who can get their hands on the elusive Darksaber can wield it. It’s traditionally one of the weapons of Mandalorians, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Darksaber vs. Lightsaber: What’s The Difference?

So what’s the difference between the Darksaber and a standard lightsaber?

First, the color. There are plenty of different lightsaber colors. While Sith Lords tend to have red sabers, Jedis have blue, green, purple, and even white lightsabers.

The Darksaber is black. It has a crackling electric glow around the edges that becomes more obvious when the user is upset.

Lightsabers are cylindrical. The handles usually don’t resemble the handles of real swords (though some unique lightsabers have different handles). Even the blade is rounded.

The Darksaber looks more like a katana. The handle is rectangular and the blade itself looks sharp.

The Darksaber also has a unique quirk. If the wielder is emotionally dysregulated, the saber feels heavier.

Not Much Is Known About the Darksaber

The Darksaber is a unique weapon with interesting lore, but it’s not as well-known or well-explained as lightsabers and other Star Wars weapons. Hopefully, with the emergence of more Star Wars shows and films, we’ll learn more about the Darksaber.

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