August 11, 2022

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Instagram has become widely popular across the world. Millions of people visit it daily, sometimes...

Instagram has become widely popular across the world. Millions of people visit it daily, sometimes several times a day, to get their favorite information. The platform presents an opportunity for businesses to increase engagement with their target audience. Simply establishing a presence on this platform is not sufficient. You have to use various growth strategies to achieve success. Take the help of an Instagram growth service to gain traction and increase followers. There are many tips and tricks that businesses and other Instagram users use to grow on this platform.

The Best Instagram Growth Strategies

How Do You Define Your Growth Here?

The growth at Instagram means gaining more followers and exposure. But how do you get new followers? It comes after you improve your engagement with the target audience, create engaging contents they need, and market your IG account properly. First figure out why someone should follow you? Try to connect with your target audience interested in what you offer. Use behavioral analytics to learn more about your followers.

Make Your Content Stand Out

Pay attention to your content production. Take the help of professional content creators to get the best results. Hire professional photographers, graphic designers and copywriters to create your IG content. After you post any content, keep a watch on its metrics. Instagram offers various options for this purpose. You can see how many people have viewed your posts, images and videos. Increase followers with the help of quality content. It is an excellent organic IG growth strategy. Make your commitment to post a few Stories every week. It leaves an impression of consistency and regularity in content posting. While the contents should be related to your business and industry, there should be some variety in the topics so your followers look forward to your IG posts.

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Run Promotions

The options here include discounts, giveaways, freebies and other incentives. Take into account what your target audience would like to receive for free. Delight them with exactly what they expect. You have to conduct some marketing research or survey your followers to know their liking and expectations. Consumers anticipate and wait for discounts and sales offers. Most such discounts are now offered through these social media platforms. Run promotional events and contests. Those who tag you to their group members, and which results in new leads for you, can be given incentives for doing so.

Look beyond the Instagram Platform

Do not depend solely on organic growth strategies. Use other marketing and promotional options to reach out to your target audience. Most people now have accounts on several social media channels. Market and promote your IG account across other networking channels. Highlight your presence on Instagram at other places. Make it easy for the viewers and online users to connect with you on Instagram. Embed your IG account link in your online promotional content. Make it easy to share your IG links. Some other IG account marketing options include email newsletters and even online advertisements. The advertisements are the most expensive options but deliver the best results. Make sure you have provided your IG link on your website. Provide this link everywhere you interact with your users.

Connect with Influencers through an Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencers have a dominant role to play on Instagram. They accept promotional and marketing offers. Finding influencers for your business can be a complex and time-consuming process. You can avoid this problem by taking the help of a platform that connects influencers to businesses looking for them. You pay a small fee for this service. Your promotional budget should include the charge of the influencer. Because this option can cost a lot of money, it requires selecting the right influencers based on your needs, industry and budget.

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Some Small but Nifty Instagram Growth Strategies

You cannot depend only on a few major growth strategies. Every small thing adds up and counts in this endeavor. Make it a habit to respond to your users for their comments. Establish a personality for your brand. Make this style sheet available to your content creators. They should know how to craft your content and what goals you are trying to achieve through Instagram. You should occasionally support causes that your target audience can relate to. Participate in conversations related to your business, activities and industry. Post timely updates on the latest trends of your industry. Invite users to generate content for you. All these small efforts will help grow your follower base.

Analytics and Metrics

Whenever you post any content on your Instagram account, make sure you track the effects. Check the user engagement with the help of an Instagram followers app. This tool makes follower management easy and efficient. You should know the strategies, posts and contents that deliver the best results, need improvement or should be discarded for failing to deliver the desired result. Gradually, you will be able to improve your Instagram growth tactics.


Contests, promotions, influencer marketing, discounts and other options will increase the engagement of Instagram users with you. Most IG users do not trust the ads but trust their favorite influencers. This has given rise to an Influencer marketplace or a best influencer marketing platform like Ainfluencer where businesses can connect with influencers to promote products and services. Post quality content regularly. Prepare a long-term Instagram growth service plan and follow each step of this plan. Analyze your results so you know the marketing efforts that deliver the best results for you. Use an Instagram management app to manage all these things in a better way.

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