August 20, 2022

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HACCP certification can be defined as a document you receive as a food manufacturer or...

HACCP certification can be defined as a document you receive as a food manufacturer or processor. It is practically a recognition that you developed a complete and comprehensive HACCP plan. At the same time, it shows that you effectively implemented it.

The company’s HACCP plan has to include a full set of procedures and documents. These should relate to how to conduct and identify the analysis of limits, hazards, and control, together with the monitoring of the potential hazards appearing in the food chain.

Businesses cannot use any random HACCP plan. The plan has to be proven based on scientific approaches and needs to identify absolutely all potential food safety hazards for the products that the manufacturing company manages. The HACCP safety programs are built and then the company becomes eligible to get in touch with the right authorities. This is needed to request food safety audits capable of verifying the plan’s effectiveness. After it is approved, the HACCP certification will be offered to the company.

The certificate acts as proof you are competitive at a global level in regard to food safety. Customers know that you take care of everything and that what they buy from you is completely safe. Basically, we are talking about a certification process that shows the commitment the business has to guarantee food safety.

Do You Need The HACCP Certificate?

This is not something that is mandatory. However, as a food business, you need to have management systems in place to keep the food safe. Also, the HACCP plan is instantly satisfying several regulations and laws that do require some accurate identification of potential hazards together with food safety issue mitigation. As an example, HACCP does help deal with the FDA’s FSMA regulations.

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We can say that this certificate can be considered as being vital when your goal is to prove to partners and customers that the food business does run in a safe manner. This practically means that the HACCP certification is highly recommended when you are a food business like:

  • Restaurant
  • Food preparation service
  • Food transportation company
  • Catering
  • Food delivery service
  • Food manufacturer

When a new food business is set up, the HACCP accreditation stands out as being highly helpful. This is mainly because it instantly shows customers that you do use proper food safety practices. You do this right from the start so you do get an instant competitive advantage. Your branding simply becomes easier from the start.

Why Is HACCP Certification Needed?

Besides the fact that you show you have good practices in place for your customers to see, the certification also has some extra advantages. They can be social, safety-related, or economic. The most common ones you have to know are:

  • It is much less likely that you will release food that is unsafe.
  • The confidence of your customers will be increased.
  • You have a competitive advantage when compared with similar products you compete with.
  • Partners, suppliers, and investors find your business to be more appealing.
  • Compliance with regulations from food agencies.
  • Much better management of waste and resources.