August 14, 2022

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Repair the Sluggish WordPress Web site?

If you are new to wordpress, then you will hear this word a lot “WordPress...

If you are new to wordpress, then you will hear this word a lot “WordPress plugins” and you should be familiar with this concept to use WordPress properly.

WordPress plugins are tools that offer some specific features so for example if you need a WordPress survey plugin, then you should look for a plugin that does that like: Quill Forms, contact form 7 or wpforms.

If you need to have a page builder, then you should search for a plugin that offers that functionality like: Elementor, Oxygen builder or Divi.

Also, SEO is important for your site ranking. So, you guessed it, there are a lot of plugins that do that like: Yoast SEO, RankMath or All in one SEO. They will help you definitely to improve your site ranking on Google and other search engines. Search engines work with some specific algorithms you should understand to enhance your SEO.

The same concept applies for caching plugins that boost your site speed with caching pages on user browsers. They also offer minifying functionality. If you are familiar already with CSS and JS, you will notice that your browser sends a lot of requests for multiple CSS and JS files but caching plugins offer some minifying concepts so those requests are merged in only one request. This will increase your website speed and make your site visitors more happy with your site.

Contact forms are one of the most important plugins and Typeform is great really for this type of plugin so we recommend using Typeform alternative plugin to improve your site conversion rate.

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We should mention that you shouldn’t pay for those plugins. Most of them are free on WordPress repo and you will find various plugins do the same job. You just need to do your own search to get the best ones. This search can be done on google easily.


We covered quickly in this article, what the wordpress plugins are and why they are useful. We also mentioned some plugins categories and the best ones in these categories.