August 19, 2022

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The use of display in these times has become much more. That is why the...

The use of display in these times has become much more. That is why the companies are investing a lot of money in this device. Smart TV options and much more options are in these kinds of displays. That is why people prefer such kinds of displays.

Even the Place station and X-box need such kinds of displays. Also, it is really to see in such kind of displays. It is easy to carry here and there. Compare to TV it is such a big invention. The HUAWEI has made effort to make the HUAWEI display 23 8 inch.

This display is of really good kind of display. You will know how much fun would this display be when it is in your home. Some of the different specs are the following.

Length, Width, Height And Weight

The dimensions of the HUAWEI display 23.8 inch are:

The width of this display is 53.85 cm. The height of the display is 42.5 cm. The depth of this depth is 17 cm. The weight is about 4050 grams. It is a very lightweight device. It is such an ideal kind of display. It is a really enjoyable size to see movies or games in it.

Colour And Display

The colour of the HUAWEI display 23.8 inch is black. It is an In-plane switching kind of display. The size of this display is 23.8 inches. 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution is in this display. Look how amazing a display is this? The display response time of this display is 5 ms. It is a fine high defined kind of display.

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The brightness of this display is 250 nits. The aspect ratio is 16 to 9. The refresh rate is about 60 Hz. The NTSC of this display is 72 percent. The ratio of contrast is 1000 to 1. It has a viewing angle of 178 by 178 degrees. It is the best kind of display to keep in your home.

The colour of this display is very real. You will enjoy that how this display will make changes to your life. HUAWEI even think about the user’s eyes. It would be such a comforting experience. Your eyes will take less stress If the use is more.

Other Details

It has 5 degrees of vertical tilt angle. It has a 90 percent screen to body ratio. It has also a low blue light function which will not affect our eyes. It is also an ultra-slim kind of display. It is a quite fun kind of display.

The brightness of this display is about 250 cd/meter square. The colour depth is about 16.7 M. It is such an easy operating device that even technology noob can use it. Even the packing of this material is very good. Such deep colours will make you feel that it is real.

I hope that I have explained all the enjoyable things. To know about this spectacular HUAWEI display 23.8 inch. This display is the thing to keep in your home. To see this display in your drawing room or personal room. It would be such a fantastic experience to keep this display in your home.

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