August 20, 2022

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Did you know that tooth decay is on the rise among children? This is a...

Did you know that tooth decay is on the rise among children? This is a problem because many parents are not brushing their kids’ teeth enough. Also, several dental services Blackburn are expensive and parents cannot afford it. In this blog post, you will get to know how to protect your child from tooth decay and other oral health problems. 

Significance of Visiting Dentist to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

The rise of tooth decay in Australia is not just restricted to children. More than 26,000 Australians under age 15 go to hospital each year for treatment. That’s because their teeth are at risk from bacteria that feed on sugar and acid substances found in foods.  

Untreated dental disease can cause severe infection and pain. In addition, it is hazardous for children because their immune systems are still developing, making them more susceptible to these sorts of health risks. Also, if the cavities are not treated well, then it could affect your child’s growth. 

Many parents lack the basic knowledge of preventing tooth decay and end up misinforming themselves. They are also confused about appropriate brushing methods, diet, and seeing their dentist for a check-up. 

When Should You Take Your Child to The Dentist?

A new poll has found that only 17% of children visit the dentist before their first tooth comes in. This is concerning because it may be too late for some to develop cavities or gum disease. In addition, it would cause pain and discomfort down the line when trying to brush correctly due to missing teeth.

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Early visits are important to provide parents with support and education about how their child’s teeth can benefit from healthy early dental care. In addition, children as young as two years old may require dental care for severely broken down or infected teeth that cause pain when they eat certain foods. Thus, it is crucial to ensure your children visit the dentist regularly. 

When Your Child Should Brush?

Tooth decay is a hazardous issue that many children and parents don’t know how to deal with. However, one way of reducing your child’s chance of contracting this type of oral cancer-causing bacteria. Ensure your child brushes twice a day. The study found that one third or 34% of children are not brushing their teeth often enough, while only 12%, on average, brush after every meal. 

Here the dentist recommends that you begin using a cloth to clean your baby’s gums from birth, moving onto the toothbrush with water when they first start showing signs of it at around six months old. To ensure everything is done correctly, parents are encouraged to help by brushing up until age eight. If you are uncertain on how or where to get started with brushing teeth safely, then parents should consider best dental practices. 

Wrapping Up

Children’s dental health is an issue that requires attention from all, especially parents and healthcare providers. A parent needs to start at birth by ensuring every parent has access to the correct information to make healthy choices regarding their teeth every day since day one.

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