August 20, 2022

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There was a time when samurai swords were only possessed by the keen lovers of...

There was a time when samurai swords were only possessed by the keen lovers of ancient Japanese history and culture, but recently, martial arts and anime got a spot in the media. Every day many people are getting obsessed with one of the most potent weapons in the history of feudal Japan – Katana.

If you live in Canada and want to buy this intricate piece of art, this is the ultimate guide. It covers all your questions about what to look for while buying real samurai swords for sale in Canada to laws about keeping katana in Canada.

Introduction: Katana

A katana is a kind of influential sword carried by the samurai people of feudal Japan. Samurai people were the warrior class of Japan. They devoted their lives to mastering the art of katana, wakizashi, and tanto to protect their lords and lands. The traditional katana has a curved blade that is sharpened on one side with a long handle for two-handed control.

Material of Katana

Buying a real katana is not really tricky, but there are a few things you must look at before purchasing an authentic katana. Even if you are buying katana for decorative purposes or the dojo, it is not worth it if the sword is not made with suitable materials. The material of the katana matters a lot in its authenticity and performance. 

Pro tip: Run away if you see stainless katana advertisements!

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You can go for 1095 and 1060 type steels and spring steel. An authentic katana blade will have either a 1060 or 1095 steel base with other elements applied to it while forging.

Length of Katana

For the authenticity of the katana, the length of the blade matters a lot. Anything with a blade length around 30cm and 60cm is called wakizashi. A blade that is 90cm or more is considered Nodachi. To name a katana authentic, it must have a size over 60cm. If you are buying katana as decoration for your house, length may not matter as much, but it is a crucial feature of katana for fighting purposes. A wrong measurement of the blade can quickly impact the balance and weight of a real sword. The length of the katana can change the fighting style of the fighter.

Approximate Price Range for Authentic Katana

You will find a significant difference in the price of katana because of the metal type of the forging technique of the blade. Prices also change if you pick a machine-made katana. Authentic katana can be found for under 200 USD; however, for a high-quality customized handcrafted samurai sword, you may have to pay $1,000. The price range depends on the style and material of the katana. There are many options available in the market for real samurai swords for sale in Canada to pick a piece.

Laws about Keeping Katana in Canada

There is no restriction on keeping katana in Canada. However, carrying a katana for dangerous purposes is prohibited from destroying public peace or committing a criminal offense.

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Katanas are gaining popularity every day through mainstream media. Utilize the above-listed tips and details to make a fine purchase of authentic katana in Canada.