August 14, 2022

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The Significance Of Information Analytics For The Good fortune Of Your Trade

In the 2000s, the appearance of the computer and the Internet gave birth to digitalization...

In the 2000s, the appearance of the computer and the Internet gave birth to digitalization which evolved in 2007 with the invention of the smartphone. And today, 50% of communication is done through the internet. The internet has penetrated almost all aspects of life, even the global gambling industry has been revolutionized with the presence of quality online casinos like GambleUSA. Curious? Check out this review.

What is Digitization?

Digitization (also called digital transformation) is a process that aims to transform a traditional process through technology in order to make it more efficient.

To put it simply: It is the fact of replacing the stamped letter by the e-mail.

Why digitalization?The importance of digitalization

Digitization has many advantages whatever your field of activity.

Here are some of the benefits that digitalization can bring to your business:

– Employees work more efficiently thanks to the dematerialization of internal services, procedures and data;

– Digital allows faster access to essential data (all your files are grouped in a single application/site);

– Allows you to avoid certain errors since it is easier to detect and correct them;

– Faster and more efficient internal communication;

– The automation of repetitive tasks allows you to optimize working time and be more productive. These factors result in an improvement in the working conditions of employees;

– It gives a modern image of your company, which attracts and retains customers, you can consult our article on websites;

– It allows you to increase your sales.

Since Covid-19, many consumers have turned to digital to make their purchases. The health crisis has accelerated the digital transformation of companies by around 7 years since companies have had to adapt by digitizing their offer quickly.

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In Europe, 55% of interactions with customers are now digital, a jump of 3 years according to pre-crisis forecasts (Study by McKinsey).

It is therefore becoming essential for companies to turn to digitalization. This allows them to develop by facilitating the management of internal tasks and by adapting to the consumption of their customers.

How to Set it Up?

To introduce digitalization within your company, there are different steps to follow:

– Know the ability of your employees to adapt to this change. A digital transformation involves the transformation of the organization and operation of your company;

– Identify your company’s problems in order to implement a solution. For example, poor management of your invoices;

– Call on an external partner who will be able to help you during this transition. Indeed, digitalization is synonymous with major changes within a company. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you are properly accompanied during this phase. This partner will therefore be able to help you set up a suitable tool.

There are CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot that make it easier to manage a company’s processes. These are websites/applications that consolidate all company data and allow you to perform your tasks directly on it.

After all, digitization is an undeniable success factor for a company. It is a performance lever that allows organizations to develop while standing out from the competition. Today, digitization is an unavoidable process. According to a study, 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040.