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A rubber stamp is an engraved, sculpted, laser-etched, or polymerized picture or design on a piece of rubber. Rubber stamping, commonly known as stamping, is a type of art wherein a dye or pigment-based ink is applied to a rubber stamp champ

Rubber stamps are classified as follows:

  • Traditional Rubber Stamps
  • pre-inked rubber stamps 
  • self-inking rubber stamps 

Each stamping variety will have its own set of characteristics tailored to your needs, whether at home or work.

Below is the variety of rubber stamps available and how to choose them.

1. Traditional rubber stamps

To make imprints, traditional rubber stamps need a stamp pad. This has been the most genuine and cost-effective way to use a rubber stamp. Stamp on a stamp pad > stamp on paper. This stamp takes up room on your table and may result in a mess because it is not covered after use. This stamp is regaining popularity since it can be used in various ways, including stamping on different surfaces with different ink colors.

2. Pre-inked rubber stamps

Pre-Inked Stamps provide crisp, clean imprints with each stamp. On the other hand, pre-inked stamps have the disadvantage of requiring breaks between stamping. Because gel ink is molded into an imprint, a pre-inked stamp does not require an ink pad. Pre-Inked stamps come in two varieties. The Gel System in the original A E Gel Stamp produces crystal clear imprints that rapidly dry on glossy paper. E Gel Stamp is the finest option when creating a rubber stamp for branding reasons since it provides the greatest imprints.

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3. Self-inking rubber stamps

Replaceable ink pads are integrated into self-inking stamps. This stamp enables quick stamping because it re-inks itself after each impression. The sole disadvantage of this product is that it lacks the imprint clarity of a pre-inked stamp. some  self-inking stamps, on the other hand, can generate high-quality imprints using  exceptionally durable red rubber

                Tips on how to choose rubber stamps

1. Consider the size

You probably have a decent notion of how big you want it to be now that you know where it will appear. A circular stamp on envelopes that looks like a wax seal, for example, will fit your name well. It’s small, yet it’s distinctive and has a significant impact. If you want to raise brand awareness, a large, strong logo is the way to go. Instead of the typical black or navy ink, you can choose a bright color. A call to action stamp requires more lines than a stamp with merely brands and names. Of course, size determines pricing, and larger stamps are more expensive. Consider the budget when buying.

2. Consider the cost

The size of your stamp determines the pricing. Other factors influence the price of your stamp. The importance of quality cannot be overstated. You want to get a lot of usage out of this stamp, and it should accurately represent your company. This is especially true if you utilize your stamp to make a QR code that links back to your website. It must be exact and readable and properly cut, and bleeding-free. An excellent quality rubber stamp that can last a long period and produce a crisp impression is required. Find a respectable organization that can produce high-quality work by conducting research.

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3. Consider the ink option.

Some stamps will come in preferred colors. However, black and navy are the most decent. One would like to go all out with their brand colors.

In conclusion, there is a variety of rubberstamps; however, the one to choose all comes down to one’s preferences and needs.