August 20, 2022

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The CBD is now recognized for its many virtues on our body and its popularity...

The CBD is now recognized for its many virtues on our body and its popularity in France does not stop climbing.

Many brands and stores have emerged and offer a wide variety of products such as oil, flowers, e-liquid or capsules.

But then how to check the quality of these products? It is not so easy.

And yet, it is essential to make sure that the CBD you are going to consume is of good quality and comes from a reliable source.

So, in this article, we will teach you how to recognize quality CBD.

What are the criteria for recognizing quality CBD?

The origin

If you want to check the quality of CBD before buying it, the first thing to look at is the origin of the plants with which the product was made.

For CBD to be viable, the plants must be from organic hemp.

Indeed, if the hemp is not planted in a pure environment with rich soil and optimal conditions and comes into contact with pesticides or other chemical substances, the quality of the extracted CBD will suffer.

Choose plants that are naturally grown according to the European standard to respect the regulations and enjoy a good quality.

There are several methods of extraction of cannabidiol, but some, like the use of chemicals such as butane, ethanol or propane are to be avoided because of the health risks for consumers.

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In order to choose CBD that is not harmful and of high quality, you must therefore pay attention to the extraction method used.

Opt for the extraction by supercritical CO2 which consists in extracting the cannabidiol hot or cold to preserve the cannabinoid molecules by separating them from CO2.

With this widespread technique, the CBD obtained is of quality, pure, without chemical residues.

Carbon dioxide extraction is also a method that ensures the purity of CBD but requires expensive professional equipment and a laboratory dedicated exclusively to this activity.

This explains the high price of quality CBD.

The price

Beware of CBD products that are too cheap.

The way hemp is grown and the healthy extraction methods are expensive actions that explain the rather high price of quality CBD products.

If you come across a CBD oil or flower at a rock-bottom price, skip it. It will be a poor quality product.

The spectrum

It is important to know that there are several types of CBD:

  • The broad spectrum CBD
  • Full spectrum CBD
  • The isolated CBD
  • To verify the quality of CBD, this criterion is essential. A full spectrum CBD product will be much more qualitative than the others because it contains all the active ingredients of the hemp such as CBG, CBN or CBC to enjoy all its benefits. This is called the “entourage effect”. Full-spectrum CBD should contain all of the natural compounds in hemp, including a tiny amount of THC. To choose quality CBD and not get ripped off, find out about the brand you’re interested in to make sure it’s trustworthy. For example, on the label of an oil, the amount of CBD should be displayed. To be considered effective, a CBD oil must contain a minimum of 20% per 10 ml bottle. Then remember to check:
  • The transparency of the ingredients
  • The quality tests
  • The rate of THC
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How to check the quality of a CBD flower ?

Of course, to verify the quality of a CBD flower, you have to take into account the criteria seen above.

But, there are other important points that attest to the quality of a CBD flower.

The smell

In order to effectively evaluate the quality of a CBD flower, the first essential criterion is the intensity of the aroma and the scent that it gives off.

A flower of good quality will have a very powerful perfume.

The color

You have in front of you a flower of dark and matt color? Then it is certainly a flower of bad quality.

The brighter the color, the better the quality of the flower because it indicates that it is fresh and well dried.

A worthy CBD flower must be of light green color with orange pistils and a brilliant layer of trichomes.

The appearance

Evaluating a CBD flower is also done on its appearance.

The head should be separated from the small leaves that surround it as they are not recommended for consumption.

Avoid machine-cut buds or buds with excessive leaves, as these are signs of intensive cultivation and not quality.

As for the structure of the head, know that a quality sativa flower is soft and light. On its side, a flower of indica of quality will be rather tight and dense.

Beware of questionable practices

The CBD industry has been booming for several years.

Many brands have emerged. This sector has become very competitive and some brands do not hesitate to implement dubious and fraudulent practices:

  • The addition of terpenes on the flowers of CBD so that they are more perfumed
  • The addition of plant residues to increase the weight of the product because the purchase of CBD is done by weight. You will then find a lower concentration of CBD.
  • Lowering the level of THC with chemical processes to avoid the penalties associated with a too high level of THC. In France, the regulation is 0,3% of THC maximum. With this practice, the rate of CBD of the product decreases and thus loses of its quality.
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What to remember

If you want to consume CBD, you must pay close attention to the criteria we have seen together to ensure its quality.

The origin of the plant, the extraction method, the price, the spectrum, the brand… all these criteria must be checked before buying a CBD product.