August 11, 2022

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Amazon has grown to become the biggest giant in America’s Big Five from humble beginnings...

Amazon has grown to become the biggest giant in America’s Big Five from humble beginnings as an online bookshop. Today, the company makes up a staggering 56.7% of all e-commerce sales in the US, according to PYMNTS. This popularity, with hundreds of millions of customers in the US alone and 18.5 orders processed per second according to LandingCube, also translates to hordes of budding entrepreneurs starting their journeys through Amazon.

Honorably-discharged USAF veteran and software engineer-turned-entrepreneur Reco Jefferson built his own seven-figure company from the ground up using automation services. With Roughnecks, Reco helps new and veteran entrepreneurs maximize Amazon automation.

Below, he shares some of the top things he’s learned.

Be Realistic

The most common problem Reco Jefferson has encountered is clients who have been left high and dry by services promising unrealistic returns at breakneck speeds. He shares, “Many people in the automation space promise you the world, basically showing flashy numbers and presenting it as some sort of get-rich scheme. These people have the pie-in-the-sky, get-rich-quick mentality that I think gives automation a bad name. Today, many of my regular clients are actually people I helped from this exact same situation. In my case, I always make sure to tell my clients what’s up. If they stick with the program and understand what it can and can’t do, they’re going to be just fine.”

Consistency Is Key

In line with this realistic business mentality, one of the most important things Reco pushes with Roughnecks is to both promise and aim for consistent, positive results instead of extremely lucrative ones. Their full automation services always aim to strike a combination of a gradual profit increase combined with a consistent return on investment. Aside from its success, this approach also ensures that Reco’s clients generally become long-term, with many having worked with him for over four years.

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Know Your Goals

Reco Jefferson admits that the slow and gradual approach is not for everyone. Like other investments, an entrepreneur’s appetite for risk will also dictate the automation service that will be perfect for each client.

“I always tell my clients you have to be comfortable with where you put your money. You should know what you want to achieve and stick with the plan for it. If you list items on Amazon, you will make money 100%, guaranteed, but the type of service will dictate your possible returns. A service based on drop-shipping, for example, will be a lot more high-risk, high-reward compared to one based on wholesale automation,” he explains. “For our clients, what matters is that they know what they want from the start, know what they can achieve, and stay with our plan to achieve it. If they do that, then success is 100%.”