August 11, 2022

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Why is Customer Service important for businesses?

National Floors Direct may Specialize in Flooring, but its Reviews are Through the Roof. Every...

National Floors Direct may Specialize in Flooring, but its Reviews are Through the Roof.

Every one of these National Floors Direct reviews is a testament to the industry leader’s commitment to customer service. Since 2005, the company has offered nationwide service, competitive pricing, and next-day installation. While it hasn’t been in business as long as its competitors, National Floors Direct has quickly established a reputation for premium products and superior service. The company strives to make choosing flooring an easy, enjoyable, and affordable experience.

That’s why National Floors Direct reviews Remain Consistently Higher than other Brands.

One recent reviewer on Houzz complimented National Floors Direct for being “educated, polite, and professional,” as the salesperson addressed some questions and concerns before installation. Afterward, the same reviewer gushed over the finished product, saying that he would use the service again.

On Google, another reviewer from this month captured just how most customers feel. She described it as “so much more industry knowledge than you would expect when you are paying so much less than you would expect.” All she provided was a simple explanation of what she wanted. National Floors Direct delivered a “beautiful” job that was functional and practical.

Yet another five-star rating, a client couldn’t have dreamed of a better scenario. For her, it was exactly “the way we wanted.” She continued, writing that National Floors Direct “thrilled us with the way the kitchen floor matches the cabinets… And the countertops have the right coloring to match what is already built into the floor. I love the way it feels. We’ll be using National Floors Direct for the next part of our remodel.”

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And these are just a small handful of the many satisfied customers. Based on all of these National Floors Direct reviews, it seems the company is rolling out the red carpet for all its clients.

But it isn’t just individuals praising National Floors Direct. Industry insiders and critics are also taking notice. Forbes Advisor, a trusted source for consumer reporting, rated it 4.9 stars (out of 5). The publication ranked it as “excellent” in all three categories: customer happiness, nationwide availability, and customization options.

National Floors Direct can achieve so much because it has perfected the direct-to-consumer experience. Its founders pulled from their time selling in brick-and-mortar stores to provide “all the best attributes of traditional retail and none of the downside.” Now, all it takes is a few clicks. Their motto says it all: “We Bring the Store to Your Door.” Customers are incentivized to shop online, receiving significant discounts while enjoying an already simple browsing experience.

Yet National Floors Direct still values a personalized touch. They aim to be more than a nameless face behind a keyboard. Ever since it began as a family-owned business, National Floors Direct has been personally invested in every project. Upon request, free in-home shopping is available. A specialist will bring samples to your home or office, allowing you to see how each product might look in your space.

When you pair this unmatched customer service with its extensive catalog of quality products, it’s obvious why National Floors Direct reviews continue to shatter the ceiling.