August 8, 2022

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4 Explanation why search engine marketing is wanted for each and every trade

Innovative digital marketing strategies are being launched left and right. With technological developments on the...

Innovative digital marketing strategies are being launched left and right. With technological developments on the rise, it seems only natural that marketers would adapt and pour their creativity into coming up with the latest digital marketing strategies. Moreover, crypto and NFTs have opened up a whole new avenue for marketers. What’s a better marketing tactic than to launch your very own digital currency? DeFi is not the only sector that has benefited marketers. The video game industry, in tandem with metaverses, has also proved highly beneficial to marketing teams.

Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies of 2022

To help you tap into the ever-expanding creative field of digital marketing, here are three strategies to begin with:

1: Affiliate Marketing

As the name of this strategy implies, affiliate marketing is contingent on a marketer’s network. It refers to the process of delegating promotions to affiliates. This also includes influencer marketing and making efficient use of an influencer marketing platformsuch as Instagram or Facebook. Most experienced marketers choose this mode of marketing because of their widespread contacts in the market. The bigger the network of a marketer, the more efficient an affiliate marketing campaign would be. There are various methods of approaching affiliate marketing strategies. Some companies contact individual influencers to share their products and services with their active audience. Some businesses even provide special discounts to people who are referred by that particular influencer. These are usually in the form of offer codes. Apart from this, some businesses even contact “meme” pages or other entities to be their affiliates. In order to launch a successful affiliate marketing program, you should have a trustable network. On top of that, you should have the brand’s official blog in place and an SEO-optimized website. These will be the destinations for any traffic generated by affiliate marketing.

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2: Omnichannel Marketing

Taking a page out of Sephora’s book, quite a few progressive digital marketers have begun considering unorthodox digital marketing strategies. One popular strategy that has emerged is Omnichannel marketing. This strategy revolves around customer experience. What Sephora did in their Omnichannel social media marketing was to provide their audience with rich content like tutorials and even interactive content like quizzes. This dynamic content was then used to directly advertise products that would be the best fit for the particular individual interacting with it. For instance, a user would be asked to take a fun quiz. Subsequently, a product would be recommended to that customer based on the quiz’s results. The next step would be to offer that customer an exclusive discount on that product. This would place the customer at the center of the company’s marketing efforts. That particular customer would be made to feel special. This type of marketing can also be categorized as hyper-personalized social media marketing. Omnichannel marketing strategy, however, is a lot more than the aforementioned example. At its core, it interlinks various communication channels in real-time. The issue at hand is the connectivity between multiple channels of communication. The employees at the retail store aren’t aware of the products purchased online from that company’s website. The Omnichannel marketing strategy makes it possible for customers to purchase a product online while being in the store. One apt example of this strategy in use is Burberry and Gucci’s interactive windows with QR codes. Passersby can take a look at a clothing item from the window, scan the code, and buy it without even stepping into the store. It’s still a developing strategy, and there is much more left to explore.

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3: Hyper-personalized Digital Marketing

Hyper-personalization is a relatively new concept that has only been made possible due to elaborate visitor tracking software and tools. Hyper-personalized approaches to digital marketing strategies require a lot of data and experts who can navigate through that data in an efficient and coherent manner. Hyper-personalization differs from personalization in its aggressiveness. For instance, a personalized promotional email would only include the name of the recipient. However, a hyper-personalized email would include the name and also capitalize on their purchase history. Hyper-personalization strives to capitalize on every piece of data that is available to the marketer. Be it your birthday or your pet peeves, hyper-personalization will make use of everything. It operates on a psychological level. Just like marketers create an ideal buyer persona, hyper-personalization marketers recreate the psyche of a targeted client. In the coming years, surveillance and the role of data will play a big part in the field of marketing. Data will be easily available to everyone, and marketers can play that to their advantage. However, there are a lot of developments to be made in this regard. After all, just like Omnichannel marketing, hyper-personalization is still in its infancy. Moreover, there is the question of ethics. What differentiates stalking from hyper-personalized marketing approaches. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their rights regarding their personal data. Thus, the inclusion of this approach in one’s digital marketing strategy depends on whether the marketer is willing to take the risk or not.


There has never been a more exciting time to be in the field of marketing. From data-oriented approaches that include behavioral analytics tools like WatchThemLive, the recreation of consumer psyche, market analysis, etc., to guerilla tactics in digital marketing, the sky’s the limit for innovation.

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