August 20, 2022

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Workwear has changed exponentially over the years in various industries. Employees have more flexibility when...

Workwear has changed exponentially over the years in various industries. Employees have more flexibility when it comes to choosing what to wear in the workplace. And, employers are given more options of workwear styles when picking uniforms for their staff. One industry that has also seen changes in uniforms is the medical sector.

Nurses have transitioned from the traditional stiff white dress to medical scrubs while it’s not unusual to see doctors wearing personal clothing when doing hospital rounds. But, for many healthcare workers, workwear is purely functional, lacking details which could change the look for better appearances.

Read on to find out what’s changing in healthcare workwear and how you can look and feel good while still being professional.

The Introduction of Designer Medical Scrubs

Who would have thought medical scrubs would get the designer treatment? The focus on the healthcare sector has expanded in the past two years, thanks to governments’ responses to the  COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare workwear manufacturers have seen an explosion in personal protective equipment (PPE) sales including masks and scrubs.

Designers have seen the potential in personalising PPE especially when it comes to medical scrubs. Well-known fashion designers such as Josie Natori and Betsy Johnson are working together with healthcare workwear manufacturers to introduce fashionable gear for the medical sector.

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Medical Scrubs: From Drab to Fashionable

When you think of medical scrubs, the first image to come to mind is the drab, shapeless, bulky top and pants, either in green or blue. While these designs are comfortable and functional, they don’t help to make the wearer feel good, appearance-wise.

However, the challenge with introducing fashionable wear into the medical sector is keeping the item functional and hygienic as well as reassuring patients they’re in professional hands. The scrubs still need to allow the wearer to perform their job with minimal interference. The scrubs also need to be able to withstand hot temperatures when being laundered.

What’s Changed in Medical Scrubs Designs?

What did designers come up with when changing medical scrubs designs? Here are key features that have changed the traditional shapeless green or blue medical scrubs to workwear that’s more modern and fashionable.


Designers turned their attention to the shapeless cut first. By altering the style of these scrubs and designing gender-specific scrubs, designers were able to move away from the bulky unisex shape. Style features include gather-in waists catering for ladies’ body contours and loose-fitting shirts for men. Hemlines have changed to flatter different body shapes, pockets with zips have been added and necklines with different details smarten up the look.

Pants come in various styles too, moving away from the bulky boxer shape of the traditional medical scrubs. Wearers now have the option of going with jogger-pant style, slim fit or straight leg. Pant designs can be unisex or gender-specific.

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Colours and Patterns

While hospitals prefer to allocate certain colours to different departments as a way of identifying the various roles of workers, the colour choice has expanded from just green or blue. Healthcare workers can now opt for a range of colours, giving them a bit more individuality while still looking good on the job.

Manufacturers are also offering medical scrubs with various patterns. Hospital administrations may dictate to what extent nurses and other healthcare workers can get adventurous with scrubs. But, the option to pick patterns is available if permitted.


The type of fabric being used to make medical scrubs has also changed, giving the wearer more comfort while still looking good. Breathable fabric goes a long way to keeping the wearer cool, an essential feature when working in a busy hospital setting. Moisture wicking fabric have transformed many clothing items, including medical scrubs, helping the wearer to stay dry.

Medical scrubs fabrics are often made with antibacterial treatment, keeping them sterile. A combination of cotton and polyester also means the scrubs are stretchy without losing their shape. The fabrics are dry cleanable, machine-washable and safe to use in the tumble dryer, making them easy to care for.

The Benefits of Looking Good in Workwear

Research has shown that workers perform better when wearing comfortable workwear that makes them look good too. The health industry has lagged behind in giving employees the option of wearing fashionable workwear. However, this is changing. The benefits of looking good in workwear such as designer medical scrubs include:

  • Better productivity
  • Improved sense of pride in the workplace
  • Happier and more comfortable employees
  • Maintaining a professional appearance
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Health and safety standards aren’t being compromised when dressing staff in medical scrubs that have been designed to meet government regulations. This means always buying from reputable healthcare service providers.

Final Thoughts

Designer medical scrubs go a long way to improving the morale of healthcare workers especially when they have to work under tough conditions. Hospital administrations are easing up in their dress code policies when they see the benefits of dressing their healthcare workers in modern-styled workwear. If your healthcare facility hasn’t done so already, it’s time to change to designer medical scrubs!