August 8, 2022

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The music industry is one of the toughest ones out there. Luckily, James William Awad,...

The music industry is one of the toughest ones out there. Luckily, James William Awad, better known in the musical world as Senior, has established a few ways of standing out in this crowded arena. His solution is rather simple: don’t just give the audiences what they want; give them something new.

James William combines hypnotic beats and rhythms into a sound that can only be described as cerebral. It is almost primitive and strikes a deep chord with listeners. These high-impact tracks have garnered a near-instant following for the artist who continues to set himself apart by mesmerizing listeners. Yet, this is just the first step, as retaining your fans’ loyalty is as important as that initial capture.

Perhaps, it all began with getting rejected from a high school talent show. Senior was determined to “make it,” and this rejection fueled rather than diminished his determination. He did not seek out a studio and built his own, where he began to record songs based almost entirely on real-life experiences. If there is anything this Senior Musician understands, it is an unfiltered expression of love and truth, the very fundamentals of every track he records.

James William Awad believes in love and hopes his work will prompt others to do the same. In fact, this belief is a big part of his creative process as he lets his raw emotions take over and guide him to take care of the rest. In this musician’s world, his “emotional baggage” has become a smash hit with a deep meaning.

Embracing rather than running from his emotions has made Senior such a big hit with fans. Paired up with his entrepreneurial pursuit, TripleOne or 111, a pioneer among decentralized businesses, this artist and visionary is certainly onto something when it comes to finding out what people want. A multi-step process catapulted James William Awad into the company of hit musicians, and he has already established a solid footing in this elite club. As for his creative process, it goes back to a very familiar adage: high risk equals high reward.

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We wish James William all the best in his future endeavors as he continues to smash all musical records.