August 8, 2022

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6 Frequent Errors with Invoicing and Keep away from Them

If you want to maintain the functional integrity of your AV system, you will have...

If you want to maintain the functional integrity of your AV system, you will have to know the things you must not allow to happen to the equipment. Taking care of commercial AV equipment comes with a lot of work. Audio-visual systems are delicate; consequently, they require a high degree of maintenance. To keep them functional and prolong their “life span,” you have to avoid the following:


Overheating is one of the most common things that damage the internal components of commercial AV equipment and electronic products in general. It happens when the equipment produces too much heat or the heat dissipation system is not functioning properly. One of the measures you can take to avoid overheating is to use an external cooling system. In addition, work with AV experts to institute measures to avoid overheating.


Improper wiring or sending too high a voltage through a circuit causes short-circuiting. Just like overheating, this can cause damage, fire, or explosion. To avoid short-circuiting, train your staff on how to do the wiring. In this case, following the product manual will also help. Make sure your connections are right and enable only trained users to do the wiring.


Hosting training sessions for your employees is a proven way to mitigate the misuse of your commercial AV equipment. Make sure new employees are properly schooled on how to handle the system. Secondly, limit access to only authorized users. You can do this by implementing a lock system where users would need to enter a passcode before they can have access.

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Improper Storage

AV equipment and electronics, in general, need to be stored properly. As a golden rule, the place to keep your commercial AV equipment should be free of moisture, high levels of dust, and elevated temperature. Moisture and dust can cause damage and ultimately lead to the replacement of part or entire equipment. In the same vein, high temperature leads to overheating – which is equally disastrous. To know more about commercial AV equipment, find more information here.