August 14, 2022

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In times past, people looked to modest seamstresses and dressmakers to design their outfits, no...

In times past, people looked to modest seamstresses and dressmakers to design their outfits, no matter how elaborate. That respectable occupation has come a long way – the modern fashion designer is a class apart from a tailor. Right from the stage of conceiving the design idea up until overseeing the final production, a fashion designer has got a lot on their plate. Is it easy to become one? Let’s find out.

The competition is tough, the stakes are high, and the rewards are plenty

Though the Alpha of fashion designing is a sketch or even an idea, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A passion for fashion and a creative eye for style is how you know you have the potential for this job role; however, it is only when your innate capabilities are sharpened on the whetting stone of formal education and hands-on practical experience that you can make it big in the industry.

Successful fashion designers understand how samples are made, have experience working with textiles and fittings, possess production and shipping knowledge, and know the costing process intimately. Besides such technical know-how, they also utilise several transferable skills such as solid interpersonal skills, the ability to work in a highly dynamic environment, and efficient client management, among others.

Easy is, therefore, a subjective word. Yes, the fashion industry is cut-throat – only the very best survive; however, that is not something to dread. For one who possesses all of the above, the career path of a fashion designer is not just easy but also highly rewarding.

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Steps to becoming a successful fashion designer

#1 Pursue professional courses

Perhaps, the very first step in becoming a successful fashion designer is to choose fashion designing course, one that offers a comprehensive learning model as the Fashion Designing course of the Pearl Academy. Since such internationally-acclaimed institutions combine theoretical and practical learning, you stand a better chance of weathering the storms of the ever-evolving industry.

#2 Seek internship opportunities for hands-on experience

Then, of course, comes the next step of assisting or working under an experienced fashion designer. There’s quite nothing like watching a master-of-the-trade at work – close observation will help you pick up on their work ethics, client management skills, and definitely their technical expertise. So, seek out and apply for internships; the more, the merrier!

#3 Build a portfolio that wows

The industry is such that it demands proof of your capabilities before offering you a chance, and your portfolio is that mouthpiece. Create a stellar one, and it will do all the speaking on your behalf, drawing in clients like bees to honey. Make sure to include your most impressive work and allow your clients to see some of your works in progress, even if they’re currently an idea or a sketch.

#4 Network, network, and network some more!

If there is one industry where you don’t just benefit but absolutely need strong connections, it’s the glamourous fashion industry. And thankfully, you will come across several such opportunities, right from the time of college – be it in the form of your professors, colleagues, fashion houses, decision-makers, and more. During your journey, don’t forget to attend career fairs and fashion events!

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Nothing worth having in life comes easy; however, for those who sincerely desire something and pursue it with commitment and discipline, nothing good is ever withheld. The same holds true for fashion designing.