August 14, 2022

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We all know that Nissan is one of the most popular auto brands on earth....

We all know that Nissan is one of the most popular auto brands on earth. It is a company that everyone knows about and for good reason. Nissan vehicles are some of the most well-priced, well-made and technically sound cars. The company is always researching and working on new technologies as a result.

This is much more important in this day and age. Automakers are in a wild goose chase to achieve supremacy over one another. The world is going greener and only the most efficient cars will attract today’s consumer. So, the question is: how is Nissan becoming more efficient?

Nissan’s Electric Cars

We’ll get to the future of Nissan in a bit. But first, are there any Nissan EVs today? Yes, there are. The Nissan LEAF comes in an electric version as well. We know the LEAF as this reliable and efficient tiny little car. It is electric and has been for more than a decade now.

There’s more however. There is a Nissan electric van as well. The Nissan e-NV200 is considered to be a bang for your buck. This is a great van that is quite underrated. It is all-electric and was released not too long ago. The e-NV200 is quite the milestone for the van category.

There’s also a highly hyped electric Nissan CUV coming up. Known as the Nissan ARIYA, it will be available for sale in 2022. It may have suffered a slight delay in its release but it is still quite popular. Journalists say that not only will it be efficient. But you should have fun driving it as well.

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How Nissan Is Going Greener

With their competitors Toyota spending massively on research and development, Nissan is no sitting duck. The company aims to become all-electric and reduce their emissions to zero. They want to become completely carbon neutral as a result of this goal.

This means that they’re pulling out all the stops in a bid to make their lineup all-electric. They’ve also built alliances with two major forces in the automotive world. The following are some of the steps Nissan is taking in 2022 to go green:

They’re dropping the V8 engine

These are sad times for petrolheads as the mighty V8 engine is slowly fading away. Many big manufacturers are replacing them with V6 engines of greater efficiency and power. This has been recently done by Toyota in their latest Land Cruiser. Turns out Nissan is also following suit.

Nissan will be bringing out the new Nissan Patrol aka the Nissan Armada in the US. They’ll launch the new model next year and one thing is confirmed – it’s losing its big bad V8 engine. So, we can expect this behemoth to be sold with a tuned V6 engine instead.

The plus side is that these two vehicles will not only just be more efficient. But they’ll also be better as far as emissions are concerned. They’ll also be more powerful than the outgoing model.

Nissan and Renault aiming for world EV domination

If you thought Toyota’s $13 billion dollar EV plan was impressive, then you’ll be shocked to know that Renault and Nissan are collaborating on an EV plan that is worth even $10 billion more!

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The automakers, along with Mitsubishi, will use this hefty sum to research and build electric vehicles until 2030. They expect to launch around 30 EV models in this time, that will be split between 5 different platforms.

But this isn’t just a scheme by the two automakers to make a sustainable business plan for the future. The other aim of this partnership is to help make EVs more affordable for the general public – as affordable as gas cars today.

Nissan is electrifying its lineup

The big Nissan V8s are becoming smaller V6s. So, what about the engines that are already small? Well, Nissan is replacing them with electric motors. This was revealed when the new Nissan Micra was said to be becoming an EV. Nissan has recently given us a teaser of this car.

While the information about this car is pretty much next to nothing, we can expect it to be an even cheaper owning experience now. We can expect more Nissan cars to go electric as well.

Nissan is not making new engines for Europe

Finally, Nissan is not making any new gasoline or diesel engines for Europe. This is due to the upcoming Euro 7 regulations regarding emissions. Since these rules will make it tougher for automakers to keep up, Nissan wants no part of it. They’re hence scrapping the idea of the ICE in Europe altogether.