August 15, 2022

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7 Attributes You Should Imagine When Opting for an Place of work Cleansing Corporate

Want to keep your workplace sanitary and conducive as a working environment? Cleaning up your...

Want to keep your workplace sanitary and conducive as a working environment?

Cleaning up your workplace can be a tough challenge. You’ll often realize that dirt and other things still pile up despite your daily cleanup. Simple rags and off-the-shelf cleaners aren’t enough to keep them at bay.

If you want a thorough cleaning, it’s best to call in cleaning professionals. This is critical, especially in big areas like offices, restaurants, warehouses, and schools.

Industrial cleaning professionals can even specialize in different areas. Here are six industrial cleaning services you might find useful for your business to give you a better idea.

What Is Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning deals with cleaning up hazardous areas in industrial facilities and workplaces. These are often factories, warehouses, and power plants. It’s a heavy-handed and demanding cleaning industry sector that uses specialized equipment and faces a lot of safety risks.

Unlike other cleaning services, industrial cleaning services require different skills. This includes how to handle industrial equipment and certain chemicals. Aside from that, contractors and their workers also need to learn about safety knowledge and maintenance.

Industrial sites aren’t only filled with dust, dirt, and small debris. Industrial cleaners face the most demanding and difficult to clean assignments. Most, if not, all sites have chemicals and other dangerous debris littering around.

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Because of that, industrial cleaners get exposed to harmful substances and heavy machinery every time. This results in a huge number of safety and health risks. To become an industrial cleaner, you need to have excellent health and peak condition.

This kind of service also handles manufacturing and warehouse areas. They’re also related to Commercial Cleaning Services.

When it comes to cleaning, and industrial or commercial cleaning service offers different types of cleaning. Here are some of the examples of cleaning services that industrial cleaning provides.

  • Cafeterias
  • Exhaust systems
  • Industrial equipment
  • Loading docks
  • Storage areas, and
  • Warehouses

Here’s a breakdown of six industrial cleaning services you may need.

1. Decontamination

One of the most common industrial cleaning services you can get is decontamination. Shared areas in workplaces like commercial kitchens and dining areas need constant cleaning. Regular cleanups with an industrial steam cleaner will help remove contaminants.

If you’re dealing with hazardous materials, industrial cleaning can keep the area and workers safe. Specialized teams with formal training get sent out to deal with more problematic situations. For instance, your company experienced an emergency chemical spill.

Instead of taking care of this situation yourself, having a professional cleaning contractor is better and safer. Any kind of chemical spill in pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies is dangerous. Having a professional decontaminating the area is critical to ensure that you won’t run into health and safety hazards.

2. Asbestos Removal

To this day, there are still many older buildings with a lot of asbestos. For many years, buildings use asbestos for their insulation properties. But while they’re great for insulation, it’s also dangerous because of their cancer-causing abilities.

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While at a lower level, asbestos is still used in a lot of products nowadays. They’re often present in buildings’ walls for fireproofing and drywalling.

Hiring industrial cleaning specialists for asbestos removal is necessary. This is due to its hazardous properties.

3. Lead Particles

Another service that you may need from an industrial cleaning company is the removal of lead particles. In most cases, lead removal in buildings and facilities deal with paints. This is because lead is often mixed with paints.

Using lead in paints helps it resist corrosion and get it to dry faster. But while that’s great for remodeling companies, they have huge health risks when they begin to peel and flake.

Once the paints flake, lead particles get mixed into the air, making the people around breathe it in. This exposure will lead to lead poisoning that can damage and shut down every organ in the body.

Lead-based paints are now banned in the US since the late 1970s. Despite that, there are still many buildings and facilities that are hazardous.

4. Mold

In many big facilities, mold is a common problem that they tend to encounter. This is often the case when the structure has exposure to light and moisture. When you leave it alone, mold can cause people a lot of health issues.

Air ducts and vents in schools and buildings are the common areas where mold can begin to build up. Once the mold dries out, it’ll be easier for people to inhale larger amounts of the unhealthy bacteria.

5. Dirt And Dust

Daily cleaning can prevent dirt and dust buildup that will keep employees safe. But wiping and mopping your store every time a customer walks in and out won’t be enough to keep the place dust-free. This can also be challenging to do when you’ve got carpets in your offices.

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Cleaners make use of an industrial carpet cleaner to get all the dirt and dust off your office. Aside from that, they also pair it with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Because they’re heavy-duty equipment, dealing with the problem can be easier and faster. It keeps your areas clean while promoting a safe working environment. Aside from that, it ensures worker productivity.

6. Hydro Blasting

Hydro blasting or pressure washing is also a good service to avail of. Hydro blasting is another method for removing paint and lead by blasting high-pressure water. It’s also the most preferred way for large epoxy coating removal.

When you plan to repaint your parking spaces, a hydro blast will make things easier for you.

Your Ultimate Guide On The Six Industrial Cleaning Services You Need

Dealing with messes like dirt and spills can be daunting for big, hazardous facilities. To make things easier for you, hiring an industrial cleaning service is your best bet to make things easier for you. Not only will you get cleaner and faster results, but you’ll also be safe from health and safety risks.

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