August 11, 2022

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Gone are the days when messages in the office were hand delivered in a folded-up...

Gone are the days when messages in the office were hand delivered in a folded-up piece of paper. Today, most messages are sent electronically through email and text messages.

Businesses use both email and text messages to communicate with employees. Even staff use these methods to communicate with each other.

However, emails and text messages aren’t reliable forms of communication. A recipient won’t get their intended message unless they check their email, and text messages are easy to glance at and ignore.

Digital Signage is Efficient and Effective

Digital signage, on the other hand, is nearly impossible to ignore and on top of that, it’s enticing. It’s hard to walk past a digital display without being curious and reading the screen.

Digital signage is also the ideal way to communicate with employees who don’t work on a computer all day. Many businesses have already implemented digital signage into their communication strategy.

For example, room technicians working at the BASF environmental facility in Freeport, Texas don’t have continual access to email. Reaching these technicians was difficult until the company installed digital displays.

BASF uses digital signage from Visix to communicate important information like employment requirements, safety reminders, blood drive announcements, and community events.

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The company also uses the displays to show photos of current events and to congratulate employees for their achievements. The best part is that the employees like seeing communications from the displays.

Tips for Using Digital Signage to Communicate with Employees

When you need to communicate important messages to your team members, here’s how to start using digital signage to your advantage.

1. Plan your Content

Plan your content fully before broadcasting any messages. Make sure everything you display is intentional and has a well-defined purpose. For example, a display in the lobby might be used to strengthen your brand perception in front of existing and potential clients.

Another display in the main area of your office could be used to share safety reminders and important deadlines. If your work depends on the weather, you might display live weather data.

You can display just about anything on a digital screen, including:

·                 Your latest social media posts

·                 Company Wi-Fi login credentials

·                 Your company’s mission statement

·                 Emergency alerts

·                 Third-party advertisements

·                 An email signup form

·                 Event information

·                 Digital newsletter content

·                 Meeting schedules

·                 Training event dates

·                 And more

2. Use Digital Signage in your Conference or Meeting Rooms

Using digital displays in your conference or meeting rooms will be a phenomenal support for your business. Not only will you be able to display messages for your workers and clients, but digital displays double as the ultimate video conferencing solution.

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Imagine hosting a Zoom meeting with your remote workers and business partners across the world using a large screen mounted to the wall. You’ll never go back to borrowing someone’s laptop to host your virtual meetings.

Granted, you’ll also need to install a professional audio system and microphone in addition to the display, but you can hire a professional to do that over a weekend.

3. Use Digital Signage in the Break Room

Your employees spend a significant amount of time in the break room. Even when they’re not on a rest or meal break, they’re probably popping in to grab some snacks and coffee all throughout the day.

Break rooms are a great place for digital signage provided you approach it respectfully. When your employees are in the break room, they don’t want to be bombarded with work.

Use a break room display to work on boosting employee morale. Use your display to make people feel good. For example, acknowledge employees for promotions and achievements, announce your company picnic, display beautiful photos, or share inspiring quotes.

Digital Signage will help you Grow your Business

No matter how many growth strategies you employ, you can’t grow your business without a strong team. Digital signage can help you hold on to your employees by reducing worker fatigue and increasing engagement.

For instance, if you can communicate through a digital display, you won’t have to send out so many emails. According to data published by Forbes, 38% of workers quit their jobs because of email fatigue.

You’ll still need to send emails to disabled workers who rely on a screen reader. However, you’ll relieve the stress of “email fatigue” from a vast majority of your team.

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If you haven’t embraced digital signage yet, now is the time. The world is moving into a fully-digital state and you don’t want to risk being left behind.