August 19, 2022

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The world is moving away from hierarchy toward a culture of equality and collaboration. This...

The world is moving away from hierarchy toward a culture of equality and collaboration. This change is being seen in all industries, and startups, spearheaded by the new generation, are leading the change. In such a scenario, it is essential that the work methods acclimate to the changing tide, the way TripleOne (111) has managed to do.

Founded by James William Awad a.k.a. Senior Musician, TripleOne is a truly ‘decentralized’ company. A one-of-its-kind concept, it is a reimagined idea of business. TripleOne is built on the idea of collaboration and decentralized decision-making powers, giving its users a voice in the operations.

James William’s objective was to create something that would widen the scope of inputs and create a more cohesive way of working. TripleOne (111) offers a platform for the creation of multiple projects. Companies associated with TripleOne become its ‘assets’ and a part of the user ecosystem. A system of registration allows people to become users on TripleOne’s website, who can then be a part of the work. Credits and rewards are awarded to the users to incentivize and provide remuneration for their services. Users can upvote or downvote project ideas or company decisions, refer people for jobs at companies, and start their own projects with TripleOne. They are also privy to new products and services that are offered by the assets of the business. Available in multiple countries, TripleOne is truly the space for a global community.

Hierarchy and closed doors have been the way of business for too long. Employees working without a say in the company’s decisions and walled boardrooms, where all the decisions are made, have robbed us of many good ideas. However, this centralization of power is faltering to make the same impact in today’s world that is moving toward freelancing and a more open business plan. Decentralization is the future, and TripleOne spearheaded by Senior is indeed leading the way. With more benefits and flexibility, TripleOne is an intriguing template for a new business model. With its novel concept, which is gaining popularity with all who are hearing about it, TripleOne is certainly the future of business.

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