August 14, 2022

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Risks of Grimy Carpet

You can relax if you accidentally dropped a candle on your carpet or some hair...

You can relax if you accidentally dropped a candle on your carpet or some hair removal wax. It is easy to get your carpet back in shape. We will tell you exactly how to get wax out of a carpet in a few easy steps. In this article, we will try to reduce the cleanup time to 5 minutes without any hiccups.

Everything You Will Need

Here is a list of all the things you need to collect first before beginning with the wax removal.

  • Hairdryer or Iron
  • A few paper towels or a paper bag
  • A butter knife
  • An icepack

Note: The last two items are optional but can help you out, so keep them on standby.

The Removal Process

We have compiled a list of steps to answer how to easily get wax out of a carpet.

Step 1: Let it set

The wax usually hardens immediately when it touches a relatively cooler surface. If it has not hardened yet, it is your job to use an icepack to make it cooler. Letting the wax set would be a good approach to remove it efficiently later.

Step 2: Scrape it off

We only recommend this step for carpets that are not too expensive because the area can lose a few carpet hairs as well. Scraping has to happen after setting. It is to be done with a butter knife. Try to be as gentle as possible but remove as much as you can. The less wax left, the better it will be.

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Step 3: Use the Iron

If you are worried about the remnants and wondering how to get wax out of a carpet, we advise taking out the iron and a paper towel. There would not be a lot of wax left if you scraped it off. On the other hand, it would be intact if you had expensive carpeting and skipped the second step.

This is a foolproof way of removing all the wax on the carpet without any damage. All you have to do is place the paper towels or paper bag over the wax stain and then iron over it. Iron it at medium heat only, and do not turn on steam. It will work to melt the wax and will have it stick to the paper surface.

Note: Do not let the iron heat up too much. Keep checking in regular intervals how much progress has been made. The paper will burn in too much heat and would not help.

The Takeaway

As long as you have an iron and a paper bag at home, you never have to search how to get wax out of a carpet again. The process is easy enough for anyone to do without damaging the carpet. Initial scraping is good for anyone who wants to make the job easier before jumping to the ironing part. Just make sure that the wax is completely dry before beginning.