August 19, 2022

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Mugshots are a visual representation of people who are suspected of committing crimes; after a...

Mugshots are a visual representation of people who are suspected of committing crimes; after a suspect is arrested by a law enforcement agency, he/she goes through a booking process. During this process, the arresting authority documents the personal information of the detainee, including his/her photographs, AKA mugshots. Under the Freedom of Information Act in the USA, most mugshots are available to be viewed by the public. If you need to get access to mugshots, GoLookUp‘s quick and easy directory is the way to go.

How to find Mugshots in the United States?

There are several resources that provide access to mugshots, including government websites. Such websites usually provide data about people who were arrested in a particular state; for instance, if someone was arrested in New York, you will not be able to find information if the said person currently lives in Alabama.

Also, you can find a mugshot in offline resources, like law enforcement agencies, courts, and the authorities that made the arrests. However, these resources require a payment fee for each search and waiting several weeks/days for the mugshot search results.

To get instant results, GoLookUp operates an online mugshots search directory that you can use 24/7. To perform a search, you are required to type the full name and the current state of residence of the person in question. After you provide the directory with this data, it will immediately begin to scan public records in the state in question, as well as other states.

Once the directory finds data about the person in question, it provides an online, downloadable report. The report includes the following data:

  • Identifying information: the full name and aliases of the person in question
  • Arrest data: the date of the arrest, the reason for the arrest, the information that was recorded after the arrest
  • Mugshots: the arrest photographs of the person in question
  • The outcome of the arrest: further legal proceedings taken against the suspect: trial, conviction, data about the location of the proceedings, etc.
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I didn’t find Mugshots. What happened?

As we mentioned, not all the mugshots in the United States are available to the public. Why? There are cases where data in criminal records cannot be exposed to the public. There are criminal cases that are sealed, criminal cases that are expunged, and juvenile records – all of which cannot be viewed by the public. So, if you cannot find mugshots, it is possible that the criminal record is simply cannot be viewed by the public. Another reason could be that the person that you are looking for has never been arrested. If someone does not have a criminal record, they will not have mugshots.

Yet another reason for why you did not find someone’s mugshot is that you misspelled the individual’s name. If that is the case, you can try several spellings; GoLookUp’s services are unlimited, meaning you can perform as many queries as you want, for no extra fees.

You can also use other services that GoLookUp provides, aside from the name-based search: a reverse phone number search, a reverse email address search, and a reverse address search.

An online mugshot search can provide you with comprehensive information about people’s criminal past. For quick and accurate results, you can use the directories operated by GoLookUp, and discover what lies in people’s past.