August 14, 2022

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Have you heard of the saying – the more, the merrier? Well, it certainly stands...

Have you heard of the saying – the more, the merrier? Well, it certainly stands true with travelling because the more options you have – the better your holiday experience will be. With a Club Mahindra membership, you will have options and more options not just in the form of destinations and resorts such as Poovar Island resort and Thekkady resort but also flexible membership perks.

Here is how the flexibility in club Mahindra membership fees will allow you to travel like a king-

  1. With just one membership fee, you can avail many perks and benefits. The membership fees are very flexible and totally depend on your requirements and your budget.
  2. You can be a couple, a small nuclear family or have a large family- the membership caters to all kinds of families. With a membership that suits your family and lifestyle, you can travel with ease and make the most of the membership!
  3. There are primarily four different types of memberships that one can opt for and all of these cater to different travel needs-
  4. The Club Mahindra Purple Season Membership is for people who like to vacation during peak seasons like Christmas, Diwali, or Dusshera. With a purple membership, you get to choose a vacation just during the holiday season without any of the price hikes and additional costs. Planning a Diwali break will never be the same again!
  5. The Club Mahindra Red Season Membership allows you to vacation during longer breaks like your kids’ summer break or the Puja break. You can avail your holiday during peak season without any hassle.
  6. The Club Mahindra White Season Membership- If you want to take a vacation but avoid the vacation crowd during peak season, then this is for you- you can book a tri just before a peak season like Diwali or Christmas and leave before the crowd starts pouring in.
  7. The Club Mahindra Blue Season Membership- IF you are an offbeat traveller who likes to vacation during the off-season and enjoy travelling when it is not considered an apt tourist season, this membership is for you! The monsoons in the hill stations or a rainy beach- if that’s your cup of tea, then a blue membership takes care of that!
  1. The membership fee is very flexible and can be made to fit your budget and your holiday preferences. The company also allows for upgrades in your membership to suit your budget, so you get to experience and see for yourself the different kinds of membership perks and benefits!
  2. The payment option is flexible as well- you can pay the entire amount of pay via easy instalments over a period of time. The time cap is 6 months – 48 months. What is more? You can avail your holidays even during the time that you are paying your instalments. If you cannot avail of your holiday in the given season as applicable in your membership- you can easily swap them with days and nights in other membership, and they will be adjusted accordingly. The whole structure is extremely flexible, and you get control over everything.
  3. A membership guarantees you get 7 days of premium holiday benefits – multiple partner resorts at gorgeous locations to choose from!
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As you can see- A Club Mahindra Membership ensures you actually travel like a king – with no bookings to worry about, no meddling travel agencies- you get instant access to a luxury holiday experience with just a single membership. That is the wonderful thing about the Mahindra timeshare initiative- with over 25 years of experience in the Tourism and Hospitality industry; you are leaving your holiday in the best of hands. With curated travel plans, itineraries to fit your schedule and tours to suit your interest- the Club Mahindra Holiday experience will certainly blow you away. Plus, the very flexible membership fees will make sure that you do not have to worry about a premium holiday not being in your budget.

If you are still on the fence on investing in a holiday timeshare- just read some Club Mahindra review to get an idea of how things are- you certainly will not be disappointed!