August 11, 2022

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Rocky Shi Talks NFT Basics and How They’re Fueling the Virtual Artwork Growth

Hiro Ando is an iconic Japanese neo-pop artist and co-founder of Studio Crazy NOOdles. His...

Hiro Ando is an iconic Japanese neo-pop artist and co-founder of Studio Crazy NOOdles. His colorful sculptures are inspired by Japanese manga, and Japanese archetypes like the Samurai, Hello Kitty, and the sumo wrestler. Hiro Ando knits traditional themes with modern themes, and his Samurai Cat Sculptures have been sold for tens of thousands of euros. Steve Aoki, the famous electro-dance DJ, has acquired the Samurai Cat and claims that it protects him from evil spirits.

Hiro Ando’s new art collection will soon be launched as an NFT (non-fungible token), which will include the unique collection of 4747 Samurai Cats. NFTs secure the authenticity of artwork and allow the artist and buyer to steer through the physical and digital world.

These Non-fungible tokens’ use the Ethereum blockchain and are accumulated from 300 layers drawn by Hiro Ando. The buyers will obtain benefits upon the physical artwork of Hiro Ando via the use of NFTs. This will contain access to the Samurai Cat image, a preview of the upcoming collection, and the virtual gallery.

NFTs the Artistic Revolution –

According to Artprice’s annual report, NFTs are the game changers that will revolutionize the contemporary art market. NFT sales have already reached $2.7 billion in 2020-2021. This exponential growth can be explained by the online migration of contemporary art auctions from the beginning of the global pandemic. NFT are growing rapidly, which can be seen through the price of the work The First 5000 Days which sold for $69.3 million in March.

Launch of an Entire Digital Collection

Hiro Ando believes this immersion into the world of blockchain will bring physical work into a virtual one and break the boundaries of physical art. Even though this collection can be a bit puzzling, it still is based on the physical world and questions the stand of the virtual universe in the creative process.

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This new collection by Hiro Ando will take us into a limitation-free place where our only limit is the imagination. The metaverse can open doors to everybody in the field of space, cost, and time. Due to technological advancement, a virtual world is possible with the help of cryptocurrency. This metaverse is extremely desirable for the world’s technophile youth.

The special part about this collection is that the ownership of a digital piece can contribute to the artist’s physical sculptures and printed artworks in the future. This is a true investment.

More about Studio Crazy NOOdles

Studio Crazy NOOdles was founded in 2005 in Tokyo by Hiro Ando and Saori Nakamishi. They aim to promote the creation and distribution of young Japanese pop artists on a world scale. Studio Crazy NOOdles blurs the boundaries and takes the viewers on a journey between the physical and digital world and allows them to experience an extraordinary adventure in the core of Japanese pop culture.