August 14, 2022

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Dr. June Gower Discusses Her Progression in Medicine: How She Ascended the Ladder When Dr....

Dr. June Gower Discusses Her Progression in Medicine: How She Ascended the Ladder

When Dr. June Gower graduated from high school, she became a field medic in the Army. While learning the basics of her profession, it didn’t take long to realize that she’d found an industry that fit both her skill set and larger ambitions. Being in healthcare wasn’t just a way to make a living; it was a way to help people and serve her country at the same time.

She credits much of her success to her focus on results. Healthcare is unfortunately plagued with challenges. All the logistics can make it easy for professionals to excuse mistakes or poor outcomes. For Gower, though, she was determined to work with the obstacles in a way that would drive better patient care.

This goal started when she was a field medic at the bottom of the totem pole and continued every promotion. Dr. June Gower worked for the Attorney General’s Office as the Associate Chief Nurse in DC. She established Cardiovascular services for an international hospital in Egypt as its Senior Director. She’s worked in every type of healthcare facility, including private practice, government non profit and faith based; traveling the globe. At every twist in her career, she made it her mission to spot the opportunities that lay just beyond all the roadblocks.

Another significant component of climbing the ladder was her education. While in the military, she earned two degrees in Advanced Nursing before returning to school to get her Ph.D. in Health Services Administration. The formal instruction combined with real-world experience proved invaluable to her, particularly when she was tasked with the development of multiple startup services, a physician proctorship program and innovating new best practice standards..

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When evaluating the best path forward, she had to take each facility on a case-by-case basis, evaluate the culture, overall goals and financial stability into consideration. She had to work with the conditions as they were, not as she wanted them to be. This flexibility and versatility made it possible to work across cultures and personality types. It helped her confront some exceptionally demanding targets and still manage to exceed them.

Throughout her professional life, Dr. June Gower has learned to help and be helped. Her time in the military gave her the chance to explore the medical field and get an education. Her role as a leader was a way to use the lessons she’d learned to give back to people of every race, creed, age, and background. Throughout it all, she emphasized “excellence” in the delivery of care.

Dr. June Gower on Protecting the Vulnerable

There’s nothing easy about working in health care. Even corner clinics in small towns are more complicated than they might appear on the surface. From politics to  incentives and regulation changes, there’s always something to distract people from the fundamental objectives at hand. Dr. June Gower knows how easy it is to fall prey to these external forces. She also knows that she has a much larger mission to ensure that patients prioritize. It’s how she’s managed to build a career that has led to one success after another.