August 14, 2022

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All You Wish to Learn about Shopper Genomics

Knowing your target audience’s consumption habits will help you base your next decisions on smarter...

Knowing your target audience’s consumption habits will help you base your next decisions on smarter data. Learn to anticipate what the consumer wants from a consumer habits survey! Two topics about market research that we always discuss here on the blog are the importance of knowing your target audience and developing each action with the buyer personas of your business in mind.

We insist on this because, before launching a new product, an innovative service or an advertising campaign, it is essential that everything is designed according to the profile of your consumer, to meet your expectations and correspond to your habits.

The best way to ensure that all your business decisions are made with your ideal consumer in mind is to conduct a consumer habits survey. And to learn more about this category of market research, let’s explain a little bit about how they’re done and what you should know before doing your habit research.

What are consumer habits surveys?

Consumer habits surveys serve to support entrepreneurs in their decisions, providing data and insights that will leverage any action taken in a business. Consumer habits survey questions seek to understand how consumers act, the factors that influence their purchasing decisions, what, when and where they typically buy your products, and much more.

With this type of research, it is still possible to clearly identify specific issues such as: consumers’ preferred means of payment; the media popular among your audience; what consumers research before making a purchase; how much they usually invest in certain products; and with what frequency and priority they make their purchases. A vote comes in handy and today, thanks to advanced technology, you can buy IP votes, ensuring that each vote you get is truly unique.

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From this data, you can make better decisions based on what your customer wants and needs.

When to research consumer habits?

Regardless of the size of your business, the market in which you operate or your industry, you always need to do research on consumption habits.

If your product is an innovation, something that the consumer does not yet expect to reach the market, you should launch it considering the consumption habits that your target audience has. If you intend to invest more in a service that already exists and that is inserted in an already competitive market, research consumption habits to identify opportunities and get ahead of the competition. If the situation isn’t great and you’re falling behind, a habit survey can give you the information you need to understand what’s going wrong and find the best ways to turn it around.

Regardless of where you and your business are at, don’t underestimate the value of market research to get into the consumer’s mind and make the best decisions.

How consumer behavior changes over time

Consider the strength and speed of technology today. With this in mind, compare your own habits and, easily, you will notice that, faster and faster, the way you consume products and services has been changing and adapting to the current reality. This can be a difficult exercise given that change tends to happen naturally, so let’s look at some practical, easy-to-identify examples.

These days it’s normal to take a whole weekend off to do a marathon on the new Netflix series, right? And have you ever stopped to think that less than 10 years ago it didn’t even exist? You didn’t count on streaming services to release an entire season of your favorite series on the same day. It may seem like a change that doesn’t exactly impact the life of your business, but believe me, it says a lot about the profile of the postmodern consumer.