September 24, 2022

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When the concept of influencer marketing was first coined, it was viewed as a secondary...

When the concept of influencer marketing was first coined, it was viewed as a secondary course for marketers to reach the target audience. However, as the impact of influence was progressively grown in the past 5 years, reaching consumers through influencers has become a key channel in the marketing landscape.

As brands are still processing this mind shift and adapting to the new status quo, top influencer marketing agencies like Grynow Media & team are doing their part in stimulating a revolution in this industry. The practice of keeping up with latest trends and adapting to shifting statistics allow their team to maintain their streak of success for clients.

By weaving their strategies around authenticity, transparency and diversity, the company has really carved their way to become the leading influencer marketing company. On this note, lets breakdown their path to success.

What Makes Grynow the Top Influencer Marketing Platform?

As the top influencer marketing platform, Grynow Media displays sharp attributes that visibly contribute to the success of their influencer campaigns. Let’s see what these attributes are and what significance they hold in this industry.

1. The Leading Influencer Marketing Company Helps You Play the Long-Term Game with Partnerships

Many top influencer marketing companies focus on collaborating with creators on a one-off post basis as part of their campaigns. However, as the audience becomes progressively educated and aware about brand values and relations, this practice did not board well for the brands. Thus, the team at Grynow, experimented with reverse psychology and decided to invest in building influencer relations, to make a shift from typical influencer marketing towards long running collaborations between brands & their target audience. Thus, brands have been able to leverage the brand value of creators when collaborated with them on a deeper level. This also birthed rather tactical influencer practices that went on to be widely adopted by influencer marketing companies.

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2. The Best Influencer Marketing Agency Keeps the Industry Perspective Sharp

Grynow Media has been strictly aware of what is popular with the audience at the moment and trending in the industry. Staying on top of the crux, allows them to keep their perspective sharp and ultimately design & deliver sharp results. Considering an industry as dynamic as influencer marketing, they ensure both their network of creators as well as brands are opting for best practices. They not only analyse the best platform, but also the best type of content that will work best to reach the end goal.

3. Grynow Crafts Personalized Influencer Marketing Campaigns Which Stress upon UGC and Social Listening

According to Forbes, over 86% businesses use user generated content to full proof their marketing strategy. Thus, as top influencer marketing company, the team at Grynow collects essential user generated data through social listening on crucial platforms, and then leverage the data to analyse the pain points of the audience. This allows them to provide value to the end consumer through their influencer campaigns. Moreover, ads based on UGC receive 4 times higher clicks, bringing a whopping 50% drop in the average cost per click, as compared to other ads. Thus, their team uses this technique to level the playing field between big brand names and smaller businesses.

4. The Top Influencer Marketing Platform Follows a Data Driven Approach

A new phase of influencer marketing is being explored by the Grynow team, i.e., from discovery to measurement, every step of the way is based on a data driven approach. All the efforts, strategies, and KPIs are measured through real time insights to carve out the right practices that will work every time for brands.

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They leverage their new-age approach by making real-time changes in their campaign execution as they go, doubling down on what’s working and eliminating strategies that are not yielding satisfactory results. This approach has allowed Grynow to produce an all-time high ROI for their clients.

To conclude

Grynow’s approach is strictly stemmed in data driven approach and consumer behaviour patterns. It is the best influencer marketing agency because of its six years-plus experience in the influencer marketing dominion, its team of IIT-IIM alumni and great relationships with over 1,50,000 social media influencers from different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, Snapchat, Moz, Chingari, etc., to execute campaigns of any kind.

As a leading ingluencer marketing platform, it delivers world class influencer marketing services and is trusted by a wide range of clients like Amazon, Paytm, OnePlus, Moz, ShareChat, Instagram, Trell, Facebook, Roposo, Khatabook and many more.

Their visionary marketers leave no stone unturned in tapping into human psychology to understand how to cease the attention of target audience effectively.

Achieve your marketing goals through exceptional influencer campaigns designed by Grynow Media!