August 19, 2022

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As of 2021, there are 31.7 billion small businesses in the U.S. With so much...

As of 2021, there are 31.7 billion small businesses in the U.S. With so much competition, effective marketing is essential for success. While flyers are an effective tool, companies need to avoid the most common flyer design mistakes.

In this article, we offer the best and worst flyer design ideas. We cover how clutter on flyers is problematic, the importance of proofreading when writing flyer headlines, and more. Continue reading to improve your marketing strategy.

Clutter on Flyers

Clutter on flyers is one of the most common flyer design mistakes. When your readers are overloaded with information and text it’s difficult to keep their attention. Keep your flyer aesthetically pleasing with simplicity.

Flyer Colors and Fonts

Flyer colors and fonts have to be effective and easy to read. Choosing contrasting colors can be visually irritating and deter people from reading the information. The same can be said about using all bright or all dark colors.

One of our top design ideas is to focus on balance. If you want to use bright colors be sure to balance them with some darker colors or neutrals.

When it comes to font choice, we recommend favoring simple, easy-to-read text. Some font choices may offer a unique look but are often difficult to read. In these instances, keeping a standard or simple font helps keep readers engaged.

Image Choice and Quality

Only use images that complement the information on your flyer. Selecting images that have nothing to do with the content is one of the most common flyer mistakes. Using images for flyers just for the sake of having them confuses readers.

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Low-quality images prevent prospective clients from taking your business seriously. They automatically detract from the overall look even if the rest is great. Working with professionals helps to ensure quality (learn more here).

Missing Essential Information

Failing to include essential information can quickly derail the plans for your flyer. Some examples of important information that’s easy to overlook include your business logo, contact information, or dates for an event.

When reviewing your final edits, make sure the reader knows what the flyer is about as well as when and who to contact. Otherwise, you risk spending money on something that won’t bring you more business.

Unnecessary Information

Since the goal is to keep your flyer simple, it’s important to only include necessary information. One of our flyer design ideas is to focus on need-to-know information.

Keep the good-to-know information on your website or social media. These resources fall under the need-to-know category and should be included on the flyer.

Lack of Proofreading

One of the top flyer design mistakes is failing to proofread. Whether you’re writing flyer headlines, typing in website URLs, or writing the actual content, a lack of proofreading can make your flyer ineffectual.

Before going to print, ask a colleague to review the information. You can also read the information aloud to yourself. Taking these steps makes it easier to notice small errors that you may have missed while writing.

Avoid Flyer Design Mistakes

Avoid flyer design mistakes by following the above list of flyer design ideas. The key is to make sure the information is clear, complete, and easy to read. Play around with flyer colors and fonts and choose the best images for flyers.

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