August 14, 2022

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If your job entails buying safety gear for your company’s workers, there are some factors...

If your job entails buying safety gear for your company’s workers, there are some factors you should always know and consider before making a purchase. For example, high-visibility workwear such as a hi vis work jacket needs to meet certain safety standards to keep the wearer safe while performing tasks on site. When supplying workwear for employees working in hazardous situations, you need to ensure they meet the high safety standards stipulated within your industry.

Read on to find out what factors you need to know when buying high visibility workwear so you can have peace of mind your workers are safe at all times.

5 Factors You Need to Know When Buying High Visibility Workwear

If you’re in the construction, roadworks or excavation business, high-visibility workwear is a legal requirement for all workers. When purchasing hi vis jackets and other safety gear, refer to the legal standards for reflective gear stipulated within your country and industry. Guidelines are provided such as what is needed for day and night-time work.

The requirements also factor in what colours should be worn by the wearer, the type of fabric used to make the garment and that they’re durable. High-visibility garments should also be designed to allow the worker to perform tasks freely and easily.

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2. Fit and Coverage for Optimal Protection

When purchasing hi vis garments for your workers, proper fit and coverage is essential for optimal protection. Hi vis jackets are worn over other clothing so always factor this in when taking down the sizes of your workers. High visibility workwear should be comfortable while fitting correctly without being too bulky which could cause the garment to hook onto objects, impeding the safety of the wearer.

Coverage is also vital if you want to enhance the visibility of the wearer. A hi vis jacket will give more visibility than a vest. Garments should also include reflective strips on both the front and back to improve the worker’s visibility when on site. Night-time workers should wear high visibility workwear that covers their whole body, improving their chances of being seen under low lighting.

If your workers are carrying tools with them by placing them into pockets or tool belts, ensure the hi vis garments have these storage options without compromising on the wearer’s visibility. Fluorescent stripes down the sides of the body and along the sleeves of the jacket will help to give more visibility when the wearer is keeping tools on their body.

When buying hi vis jackets, check the location of pockets and ensure there’s still enough fluorescent fabric on show. This way, you can rest assured your worker’s visibility won’t be hindered by carrying tools on the body.

4. Picking the Right Fabric

When buying this type of safety gear and clothing, you need to ensure they’re made with premium fabric that can maintain the fluorescent feature of the garment. The type of fabric will also determine whether the reflective gear is visible enough for night-time use. Nylon, acrylic and polyester materials are known for keeping the fluorescent for longer. Close-mesh weave materials also highlights the fluorescent properties, making them ideal for working under low light conditions.

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While cotton is preferable for warmer working conditions, it doesn’t hold fluorescent brightness, making it an unsuitable material for high-visibility workwear. The fabric needs to be durable, rip-free and if possible, contain fire-retardant if the wearer is working near flammable products. High-quality safety workwear is also less likely to lose their fluorescent when laundered.

5. Choose Certified Safety Gear

When purchasing safety gear for your workers, make sure they meet the approval of certification bodies in your industry. Certified safety gear including high-visibility workwear have been designed and manufactured to meet the standards stipulated by local government boards.

Look out for symbols that indicate your hi vis workwear meets these standards:

  • Class D: Garments meeting daytime visibility requirements
  • Class D/N: Safety gear meeting high-visibility requirements for both daytime and night-time working conditions.
  • UPF+50: This indicates the garment complies with the ultraviolet protection factor required to protect the wearer from both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Ripstop technology: The garment is made with fabric that doesn’t rip or tear easily.
  • Breathability: The use of innovative fabric that allows air to flow freely through the weave, keeping the wearer cool and dry while working under hot conditions.
  • Waterproof: Safety gear that’s waterproof helps to keep the wearer dry while working under wet conditions.

When managing the work environment and facilities, your responsibility extends to providing the best high visibility workwear for your employees when necessary. This way, you’re meeting the health and safety standards stipulated in your industry.

Final Thoughts

Buying the right high-visibility workwear is essential for health and safety of your workers working under hazardous conditions. By knowing what to look out for, you can be sure you’re getting the best safety gear. Use our list of factors to consider when buying hi vis workwear and have peace of mind your team is always safe.

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