August 14, 2022

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Ever since iOS 15 has made life difficult for its users, macOS 12 seems to...

Ever since iOS 15 has made life difficult for its users, macOS 12 seems to be following suit.

Except for a few ghastly issues, most macOS 12 problems are normal and have existed for years on Mac devices. In spite of the fine talk about huge performance improvements, the random software and hardware glitches continue to plague the user every once in a while. Well, the good news is that you can fix most of these issues with easy tricks.

So, if your ax is also feeling a bit under the weather after the latest software update, take a look at threecommon macOS Monterey problems and their easy solutions.

1.   Lag and Slugginess

For Mac users that have recently upgraded to macOS 12, lag and sluggishness are something they have to deal with all the time. If you are experiencing the same problems, here are some effective solutions you need to check out.

— Check and Clean up Your Mac’s Storage: You must have read it or heard that the cluttered storage on your device is the root cause of a slow-performing Mac. That’s why you must check your storage device before you take any drastic measures, like reinstalling the OS. So. to keep the clutter at bay, click on the Apple menu > About This Mac > Manage. 

Applying this easy fix will help you find out how you are using the storage on your device. After that, you’ll find all the unnecessary data and storage occupying files. After you are done deleting these files, restart your device and check if the lag behavior persists or not.

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2.   Quick Battery Drain

A vast majority of Mac users who have recently upgraded their device to macOS 12 have reported the unreasonable battery drain issue with their device. However, rapid battery drain after a big update is not a new incident, we encourage you to treat it like any other common Mac problem. Once the latest version of macOS settles on your device, the usual battery life is more likely to return. In the meantime, give the fix mentioned below a try.

— Update the Essential Apps: older and outdated apps tend to use more battery power from your device. Therefore, make sure all the essential apps are up-to-date. To apply this fix, open the Mac App Store on your computer and tap on the Updates option present in the sidebar. It will have all the apps installed on your Mac.

3.   Sudden Overheating

No matter how hard you try, overheating is an issue that never seems to leave your Mac. And to our surprise, this problem still lingers in the latest version of macOS. So, if you are someone who has always been on the receiving end of this problem, here is an effective solution for your problem.

— Restart Your Device: Whenever you feel that your Mac is hotter than it should be; Click on the Apple logo you see at the top left corner of the screen and select Restart from the drop-down menu. Now, use your device and give it some time to check if the problem is fixed.

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In Conclusion

With each newer operating system update, older devices struggle to function in their original state. However, most of these are common and can be easily dealt with. The tips mentioned above will help you in dealing with those problems.