August 11, 2022

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Non Fungible tokens (NFTs) have stormed the blockchain ecosystem. Individuals and companies want to get...

Non Fungible tokens (NFTs) have stormed the blockchain ecosystem. Individuals and companies want to get a piece of the pie from these virtual assets by creating, selling and reselling them. A critical area determining your success or failure in the NFT business is how you market your virtual collectibles. And this is why creating a solid NFT marketing strategy is an integral component of your business. Here, we explore three main aspects that you must consider when developing an NFT marketing strategy.

Importance of NFT Marketing

Before diving into various aspects of NFT marketing strategy, it’s critical to understand why promoting digital collectibles is essential.

Lately, NFTs have become famous, and the market is awash with all kinds of these virtual artworks. You can only succeed in the competitive market if you’ve got a comprehensive promotion tactic.

Such a campaign can create hype around your project and encourage potential investors to pay attention to your project. Through marketing, you can inform people why your digital artworks are different and the value they can enjoy by buying them. By describing the value of your NFTs, you create a desire for people to buy them at an excellent rate.

Now that you’ve understood why NFT marketing is essential let’s focus on various components of an NFT marketing strategy.

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1.  Identification of the Right Audience

A wrong NFT marketing strategy that some marketers use is to promote their products to everyone in the market. Besides wasting vast amounts of your marketing budget, this strategy also doesn’t let you create a close bond with people who matter most. When you don’t understand your prospective customers, it isn’t easy to craft messages that meet their needs. You wouldn’t want to share a promotion message for halal meat to Christians as they will find the ad irrelevant. When your budget is tight, it’s critical to be strategic and limited when pinpointing your correct market.

The same technique applies when promoting your digital artworks. You should identify the individuals who are likely to buy your products. Here are the tips that can help you pick your target audience:

·         The type of NFTs you create

·         Frequency of producing your work and the number of your collectibles

·         The theme and aesthetic value of your NFTs

·         The groups you’re affiliated with

·         Your social community

2.   Identify the Right Platforms to Communicate with your Audience

We always advise you to create a buzz around yourself on various platforms – this is useful not only for promotion but also for getting adequate feedback from the community. It’s good if you have multiple accounts on BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and so on.’

Source: Hackernoon

Now that you’ve got the target audience, the next move is to establish the channels through which you’ll communicate with it. If you’re an existing audience on specific platforms, you can find it pretty simple to start sharing. However, if you’re beginning the journey, here are the channels to consider:

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. Crypto-Based Channels:

Niche platforms, like Reddit, Discord, and Telegram, have huge crypto communities. Through these channels, you can connect with other NFT developers, buyers, and fans.

. Clubhouse:

this platform is the best for crypto, DeFi, and NFTs. You can join relevant clubs like to engage with the digital collectible community. If you’re a beginner in NFT, you can get great pieces of advice on various aspects of the field.

. Facebook:

With many active users, Facebook is one of the best platforms for NFT marketing. Multiple NFT groups exist on Facebook, where you can market your products.

. Instagram:

This platform has over 500 million users aged 18-29. It’s the best channel to create your business page.

. Twitter:

With Twitter, you can make quick announcements and straightaway chat with your followers by replying to their tweets. Through retweets, shares, and mentions, your NFT can gain the necessary publicity. Because many users spend a shorter duration on the channel, you need to plan your posts tactically.

. LinkedIn:

This is one of the best platforms to develop your brand and link with the best investors.

Steemit: this is a crypto-based platform where users post blogs for STEEM rewards.

3.  Craft Content for Every Step of the Buyer’s Voyage

A buyer’s journey is the process through which a specific individual follows before making a purchase. From the standpoint of an NFT promoter, here are the critical steps of a buyer’s journey:

. Awareness:

a prospect learns about NFTs and their benefits. Here, you create informative content and engage the audience through AMA sessions.

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. Consideration:

a prospect has plenty of info about NFTs and is evaluating various purchase techniques

. Conversion:

Here, a prospect has made a decision to buy the digital collectible.

. Delight:

once they purchase your NFT, keep delighting the customer so that they can make more purchases.


After creating an NFT, the next step is to market it to the right customers. An NFT marketing strategy can help you in spreading the message to your target audience. Here, we’ve explored the main components of an NFT marketing plan. And suppose you lack the knowledge and time to market your digital collectibles. In that case, you can hire an NFT marketing agency to help you.