August 19, 2022

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6 Ways to Add Value to Your Property

When you think about wooden pallets you might think what good can they be to...

When you think about wooden pallets you might think what good can they be to me, however, recycled wooden pallets can be used to upgrade your home in so many different ways, perhaps even making life easier for you.

There are many different things you can do with them, as well as being able to colour them, cut them up to make different shapes, all in order to improve your home and make it a more aesthetically pleasing thing to look at.

But what different ways can you use these wooden pallets and why should you get some to make your home better? Scroll down to find out more.

Here are ten things you can use wooden pallets for

1. Planters

Almost everyone will grow plants whether that might be in their garden or in their home. Wooden pallets can be a simple and stunning way to grow plants as well as being incredibly durable.

Not only this but you are able to design and decorate them to fit the aesthetic of the room that you will be growing your plants in. On top of this it is easier to remove and add plants depending on the seasonal variant.

2. Herb Garden

If you are a lover of cooking then this one might be a great addition, why not lean your pallet against the wall or add a base, and then fill it up with dirt and start growing your different herbs in.

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You can label your herbs so that you can keep tabs on them while they grow, and not only this but they are super easy to water.

3. Pallet Chairs or Decking

A fun and clever use of pallets would be to make chairs out of them, you could make them into sofas, outdoor chairs, or even decking.

Colour them the way you want, add some cushions (waterproof if it’s outdoors) to them and sit down and relax.

Not only is this a cheaper way of having seating areas but it is also fun and creative.

4. Fancy Pallet Table

Expand your furniture collection for next to nothing with a Pallet Table. Paint it to fit the theme of the room, add a glass topping, and some wheels and you have a great table to keep stuff on.

5. Bookcase or Shelving

It’s incredible to have something so simple that more than often will be thrown away can be used as so many different things.

Why not use your pallets as a bookshelf? Paint them to fit the decor, lean them up against the wall maybe using nails to make sure they are sturdy and then add your books.

On top of that you can add more to the bookcase depending on how many books you have.

6. Coat Rack

This would require a tiny amount of effort but it shouldn’t be too hard to do, cut the pallets into the size that you need, stick them onto a wall, and add some hooks.

7. Pallet Mirror

You can use the outside of the pallet to make the border for the mirror, while disposing of the middle pieces, when you’ve done this find the correct size mirror to add in between and there you have a fancy looking mirror.

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You could even use some of the leftover pallet to add a shelf at the bottom for extra storage.

8. Drinks shelves

This would be a great place to store all your drinks, such as wines, spirits and anything else you wish to keep on the shelf.

Simply pin it up on the wall, you could even have it on the ground and make something even more grand out of it.

9. Shoe Storage

With a little bit of effort you can turn your wooden pallets into some sort of storage for your shoes.

10. Bed and Other Furniture

Lastly you can use multiple pallets as a foundation for a bed, you can make it to whatever size you need, and if you decide to buy a bigger mattress then you can always add more to create your frame.

On top of this you can really make any kind of furniture out of Wooden Pallets.